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24th January 2020 
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Counsellor/Psychotherapist in North London : Registered Member MBACP (Accred)

A warm welcome to my therapy website!

I am an experienced, accredited counsellor/psychotherapist working in Finchley N12, North London.

Trying to find suitable help can feel daunting at a time when you are likely to be feeling vulnerable, possibly in crisis. This can be particularly true if you are new to counselling and psychotherapy. I hope that this site will offer some useful basic information, and help you decide whether or not you think an initial phone call or meeting with me could be a helpful first step.

Please phone or email me if you have any additional questions. All telephone conversations and emails are completely confidential and I usually reply within 24 hours.

How I work:
There are many different approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. If you would like to read the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy's brief overview of theoretical approaches, please click here.

My therapeutic approach is integrative.

Integrative therapy blends insights from different psychotherapeutic approaches, acknowledging that there is no single way of working that can encompass the complexity of human experience.

I draw primarily on key concepts from psychodynamic and humanistic psychotherapy approaches, alongside some of the more recent developments within attachment theory. My approach is also trauma-informed, meaning that I recognise the impact of trauma on the mind and body and have undertaken extensive additional training in this area.

Psychodynamic thinking addresses the conflict between conscious and unconscious feelings, ie those which are known to us and those which are hidden but may nonetheless have a huge impact on our lives. If you find that you often repeat unwanted patterns of behaviour or feel stuck with complicated feelings that don't seem to make obvious sense, an understanding of this kind of internal conflict can be really liberating.

Humanistic psychotherapy offers a hopeful view, recognising an innate human drive towards emotional growth and repair, even when this is being expressed in ways that may seem baffling or destructive.

I believe that we are all uniquely affected by our life experiences, especially the early relationships with our care givers, and that these largely shape the way we feel about ourselves in the world. We all respond differently to circumstances and tend to manage adversity by adapting in a variety of different ways. Though perhaps necessary at the time, these ways often become maladaptive, ie outmoded and unhelpful.

I favour a collaborative approach, listening carefully to your story and exploring with you what you hope to gain from sessions. It is not unusual to feel very apprehensive or anxious at the start of therapy, though even an initial session can offer a sense of relief and the experience of being heard without being judged. If you are confused or things feel too difficult to explain, don't be too concerned. Some feelings can seem almost impossible to articulate with words, though usually (hopefully) become clearer and easier to describe over time.

Much recent research suggests that the quality of the relationship between therapist and client is the most important healing factor, over and above any particular theoretical approach or technique.

Whatever your reasons for seeking help, aiming to develop a sound and trusting therapeutic alliance is central to my way of working.

My consulting room in Finchley N12 is within easy reach of Whetstone, Barnet, East Finchley and Muswell Hill. The nearest tube stations are West Finchley (around 12 minutes walk) or Finchley Central (15 minutes walk) - both on the Northern Line - and there are many buses close by. New Southgate overground station is a short bus ride away.

Counselling in Finchley, North London, within easy reach of Barnet, Whetstone, East Finchley, New Southgate and Muswell Hill.